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Adobe 99U Conference 2020, June 3-5, New York City

Host Events in Your City

As an Ambassador, your charge will be to curate and produce a killer, mini-99U event in September of 2015. This is not a conference, the goal will be to create a casual, intimate, local 99U-style experience in your city. The event will consist of three curated talks that share road-tested insights on making ideas happen (which you’ll need to record on video), followed by a casual networking and drinks session, where attendees can make connections, swap notes, and get fired up to execute on their ideas. We’ll provide you with an event kit as well as tips on how to find incredible speakers and get folks networking, but the final decisions and production of the event will be in your hands.

Applications for the 2014-2015 Ambassador Program are now closed.

Being an Ambassador

Our Ambassadors will be 25 of the best and brightest of the 99U community, chosen for their ability to get things done and tap into their own local creative communities. You’ll be empowering and connecting with creatives in your city, and joining forces with 24 other Ambassadors across the globe to help spread the “missing curriculum” — all that stuff we didn’t learn in school, but really need to know! We are selecting one ambassador per city, which must have a population over 130,000.

Key responsibilities:

Attend the 99U Conference in NYC

Since the 99U Conference is all about great idea execution, we try to truly “walk the talk” by creating a flawless event ourselves. To ensure that our independently produced 99U Local events meet our high standards, we will be inviting all of our hand-picked Ambassadors to attend the 99U Conference 2015 in NYC – and giving them complimentary tickets. Our hope is that you will learn a ton, get fired up about curating an incredible lineup, and go back to your cities to produce an amazing 99U-style event. Note that attendance of the 99U Conference 2015 will be mandatory for all Ambassadors, so you should be pumped! We will give you a free ticket, but we cannot cover travel and accommodations.

What are you looking for in an Ambassador?

We’re looking for someone who can take initiative, is all about bringing people together, and above all has the drive to produce a great event. While having a background in event organization or long-term experience in your industry is a plus, it’s not required. Above all, we’re looking for folks who are tapped into their local community and passionate about 99U and creating an incredible event.

What sort of help will you give me?

The event is yours to produce, but we will provide you with the resources to stay true to 99U’s mission statement of providing the missing curriculum we didn’t get in school. During your Ambassadorship, you’ll have the support of our Ambassador Liaison, who will provide you with digital assets (such as templates, samples, and suggestions for marketing, branding, etc.) as well as a detailed handbook to help guide you in producing your event. When you attend the 99U Conference, you’ll be given advice and further instruction from the experienced 99U staff on what you’ll need to know to make your event a success.

What kind of speakers should I find?

Your speakers should be from your local community or area, have a history of making ideas happen, be a great public speaker, and have pragmatic and actionable insights to share. The Ambassador handbook will provide you with more in-depth curation guidelines and tips if you are selected.

When should my event be like?

The 99U Local events will happen the week of September 14th, 2015, between Monday, the 14th and Friday, the 18th. You’re welcome to choose which weeknight works best for your city, though we highly recommend selecting that Tuesday or Wednesday and holding your event from 7-10 p.m.

Do I get paid?

We do not provide compensation, beyond a complimentary 99U Conference ticket. This program is for those who are passionate and motivated about sharing the idea behind 99U with the world, and are eager to learn how to produce a great event.

Can I charge people to attend my event?

The mission of 99U Local is to be free and open to the public. As such, all events are required to be free, with capacity only limited by your venue’s size.

How much time should I devote to my Ambassadorship?

It is mandatory that you attend the 99U Conference in full, from April 29th - May 1st. Past that, producing your 99U Local event will take some serious planning and dedication to make it great, but it should absolutely be manageable as a side project.

Can I apply as a Co-Ambassador? What about as a team of Ambassadors?

We are only accepting applications from individuals to be 99U Ambassadors. It’s important to us that we have a single individual who is accountable for producing the event.

What’s the secret code?


My city isn’t very big, can I still be an Ambassador?

As we are limiting this program to just 25 cities for now, we’re focusing on larger cities, with a population of at least 130,000 people or more. Please make sure that your city meets these requirements before requesting an application.

Is it open to cities outside of the USA?

Heck, yes! Our goal with this new events series is to expand 99U’s reach globally. We’re accepting applications from cities all over the world, assuming they meet the above city population requirements. However, you should note that, we are asking that all talks be held in English, no matter what they location. Why? Because all of the content we share on is in English, and we want to remain consistent when we roll out recordings of 99U Local talks.

What’s the duration of the Ambassadorship? One year? Two years?

If accepted, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement to fulfill the requirements and terms outlined above—essentially attending the conference and then producing your own local event in September 2015. After your event is complete, the Ambassadorship will be open to review and renewal, at our discretion.